Daniel Sanabria came to us just over a year ago – he’s a trader by profession, and he’s a non-degree seeking student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business (UAB CSOB) running his company Sigma93 Capital Management LLC from the UAB iLab at Innovation Depot. He worked at a Birmingham-based Commodities hedge fund before deciding in early 2015 to enter a leveraged version of a trading strategy he’d implemented there into a competition sponsored by the CME Group. The CME Group is the largest derivatives exchange in the world.

Sanabria’s strategy obtained 2nd place out of 503 teams. Sanabria says, “the accomplishment [was] a source of inspiration to finally go out on my own. I seeded the strategy with $125k and by June [I’d] decided to incorporate Sigma93.”

Sigma93 now has $1.25M assets under management. Sanabria says, “[We’re] an alternative asset management company that develops innovative futures trading strategies for a select group of high net-worth investors.” His strategy seeks to generate a target annual return similar to the historical returns of the U.S. equities market while enduring minimal volatility in the process.

2015 was a challenging year across the board of investable assets and major asset classes. For Sanabria, though, that’s been to his advantage: the Sigma93.10 trading program produced positive performance on both calendar years of the strategy’s operation. To date, the strategy has outperformed the Barclay BTOP50 Index by over 8% points. Over the next five years, Sanabria seeks to grow the assets to the strategy’s $100M capcaity.