Innovation Depot announces seventh cohort for Voltage idea incubator program

Voltage Cohort 7

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Sep. 19, 2023) – Innovation Depot is excited to announce the fifteen entrepreneurs who have been selected to participate in the seventh cohort of Voltage, the Depot’s idea incubator program which launched in early 2021. 

Voltage is a six-week adventure designed to empower aspiring tech entrepreneurs. Voltage doesn’t follow the usual 9-to-5 schedule; instead, it convenes outside of those hours to cater to the needs of all our busy participants. Voltage is all about flexibility, giving founders the tools and insights they need to test their ideas’ potential before diving headfirst into building a full-fledged product. 

Guiding the entrepreneurs in this journey are the experts from AppThink, powered by HVL, alongside Innovation Depot’s Program Manager, Amanda Williams. They’re here to help our entrepreneurs make informed decisions about their ideas, whether it means charging forward, pivoting, or taking a fresh approach. 

Alessandra Kennedy, a Voltage alumna, shares her experience: “I can’t express enough how transformative my experience in Voltage has been for my startup journey. From the very beginning, the program held my hand and guided me through the maze of being a new tech entrepreneur. What truly sets this program apart, though, is the network of professionals it connected me with. The access to a diverse and supportive community of experts and fellow founders has opened doors I never thought possible, accelerating my startup’s growth and success in ways I could only dream of.”

Voltage’s inclusive approach welcomes individuals with impactful, industry-agnostic solutions from diverse backgrounds and with no technical experience, making it accessible to all who are passionate about creating within the innovation ecosystem. 

“We’re proud to celebrate the launch of our seventh Voltage cohort. With 79 talented individuals having already passed through Voltage, our community of entrepreneurs continues to thrive and expand. It’s inspiring to witness Voltage alumni joining forces at various networking events and conferences. We’re excited to welcome this new cohort into our vibrant community and support them as they explore their tech ideas,” says Innovation Depot CEO, Brooke Gillis.

We kicked off the seventh cohort on Saturday, September 16, 2023. And now, introducing the members of our seventh cohort, each passionately crafting innovative solutions in their respective industries:

KyeJuana Avery, Healthcare

Brent B. Barnes, Sports/Education

Aubrey Bennett, Sports/Education

Kym’Bria Green, Healthcare 

Kaitlyn Harrelson, Education

Kiara R. Harris, Marketing

Angela M. King, Healthcare

Shekinah Lee MEd, ALC, NCC, Healthcare

William Mattison, Education

Caleb Neverson, Food

Melissa Ralph, Healthcare

Nilay Shah, Construction

Eva Shvartcer, Healthcare

Drew Thomas, Music

Valencia D. Winston, Education



About Innovation Depot:

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