Innovation Depot Launches “Boost” in Partnership with AppThink to Help Founders Secure Their First Customer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Sep. 20, 2023) – Having guided over 100 entrepreneurs to the completion of the Voltage idea stage program, Innovation Depot is proud to launch “Boost,” a strategic initiative crafted in partnership with AppThink. Boost is tailored to assist these forward-thinking entrepreneurs in refining their innovative ideas into market-ready products and securing their first customer. This new program builds on the solid foundation established by Voltage, emphasizing crucial stages like Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development and customer acquisition, with the added expertise and resources provided by our partners at AppThink.

Key Features of Boost:

  • Designed for Voltage Graduates: Boost is specifically for those who have completed the Voltage program, providing a direct path from ideation to market entry.
  • Focused Curriculum: The program centers on securing the first paying customer, highlighting the importance of feedback and real-world application.
  • Objective-Driven Learning: Participants will learn how to design, launch, and refine their MVPs, aiming to increase value delivery and business growth.
  • Support Network: Enrollees will have access to Innovation Depot’s network of mentors, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs, continuing the collaborative spirit of Voltage.

“With the success of Voltage, we saw a clear need for a program that helps with the early stages of customer engagement and MVP development,” says Brooke Gillis, CEO of Innovation Depot. “Boost is our response, designed to help our founders achieve their first significant business milestone.”

Trevor Newberry, Co-Founder of AppThink and Director of Product at Harmony Venture Labs, shared his enthusiasm for this new initiative. “We’re really excited about this new program because we feel that it fills a crucial void in entrepreneurial education: successfully finding and selling to your first customers. There’s so much content and training focused on product discovery and building your product, but we’ve found that there’s little said on the topic of actually finding and selling your product to your first customers. Unfortunately, without that crucial piece of the puzzle, founders are at extremely high risk of failure. Boost is designed to help founders find their first customers in a matter of weeks with a special emphasis on learning and iterating their products to better serve their customers along the way. We’re excited and hopeful to see the impact that this training can have on startups in the Birmingham ecosystem.”

Meet the First Boost Cohort

We are pleased to introduce the founders who will be joining Boost:

  • Donald Smith, WorkTalo
  • Drew Thomas, Smith Lake Rentals by Owner
  • Hunter McGuire, MicroTether
  • José Flores & Mikhail Kozorovitskiy, Alimentar
  • Kiera Horton, Jumpshot Recruit
  • Melissa Ralph, BariSnax
  • Melody Lovvorn, Eva
  • Temani Beck, Dayrol

As they progress towards launching their MVPs and gaining their first customers, Innovation Depot is committed to providing an environment that supports growth and collaboration.

About Innovation Depot:

Innovation Depot, a 501(c)3 nonprofit tech and entrepreneurial support organization. Housed in a 140,000 square foot building in downtown Birmingham, The Depot offers various programs for aspiring founders as well as incubation space for scaling companies. For more information, please visit