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TechAlabama is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to encourage, inspire, and ignite children and adults to discover and explore technology, learn to code, and pursue STEM careers. TechAlabama’s signature program is The Education Farm (“Ed Farm”). The Education Farm is a transformational program in Alabama that will increase educational equity, improve learning outcomes through technology, and prepare tomorrow’s tech workforce. In its inaugural year, The Education Farm will deploy and support programs in schools and communities throughout Birmingham with an emphasis on app development with Swift and mobile technology. The Education Farm will build upon existing assets throughout the Greater Birmingham region, and will implement new programming and tools that will achieve measurable goals related to educational attainment, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. Several public and private partners will provide resources to support this work and ensure success. Tech Alabama seeks a Programmer in Residence who will assist and mentor staff and program participants with developing apps using Apple’s Swift programming language. The Programmer in Residence also will provide instructional support through the following programs: Teacher Fellows, Pathways, and “Birmingham Can Code” boot camps.

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