Our Mission


To incubate and accelerate tech & bio-focused, high growth businesses by providing teams with a proven blueprint for success, support in strategic areas, and access to an inclusive and supportive community. We add value by being a catalyst for growth to our members, partners, and community.


Innovation Depot is a startup ecosystem where anyone with a vision and determination can gain access to the tools necessary to succeed.


  • Founders First – We believe in the capability of our entrepreneurs, prioritize their needs, and empower them with resources to help them succeed.
  • Failure as Opportunity – We never lose; we only learn. The more we learn, the easier it is to get back up and try again.
  • Pursue Diversity & Inclusion – Different views and experiences are assets that give us a competitive edge. We will continue building an environment where every individual is not only accepted but also valued.
  • Exceed Expectations – Excellence is in the details. We steward the little decisions with as much rigor as the big ones.
  • Enjoy the Journey – Fun is an indicator of increased productivity and success, so we make sure we’re having it!

Innovation Depot Team